Polk Publishing House is a full service company for writers who have chosen to self-publish their work. The company is owned and directed by publishing and print industry professionals who know what is critical in book design, printing, and finishing.


What is the Polk Publishing difference? The difference that Polk Publishing brings to self-publishers is access to professional resources and coaching to deliver books that can hold their own ground when compared with books done by a major publishing house. From experience, we know that many self-publishers are writers, not publishers. Writers want to tell their story, and often lack the time it takes to learn the full process of publishing (editing, design and printing.) So we take care of writers by helping them to get their words out of their heads and into the hands of readers.


If you are interested in publishing with Polk Publishing House, please contact Selina Polk at Selinapolk1965@gmail.com or call 443 979 1960.




Selina Polk, President, CEO, and Founder

Marco Polk, Executive President

Paul Dixson, Executive Vice President

Renardo Daniels, Director and Manager

Sierra Daniels, Head of Marketing

Carlos Polk, Head of Graphic Design